What are the commonly used materials of vacuum aluminum foil bags

For some products that need to avoid light and have high requirements for moisture proof and humidity, it is suggested that the material of vacuum aluminum foil bag can be chosen as PET/AL/CPE or PET/NY/AL/CPE. Aluminum foil is added to this composite material, which has excellent barrier performance and is widely used in food, electronics, chemical industry and other industries. Due to the high cost of aluminum foil itself, the price of this kind of vacuum aluminum foil bag will rise slightly.

Nylon co-extruded vacuum aluminum foil bag is a transparent vacuum aluminum foil bag, generally composed of PA, EVOH and PE, PP, TIE and other resins, using symmetric or asymmetric combination structure. Due to the addition of PA and EVOH, the barrier property of the multilayer film to oxygen and aroma, composite peel strength, environmental resistance and preservation and storage period were greatly improved. Nylon co-extrusion bag is a multi-layer co-extrusion high-barrier packaging material, with pollution-free, high-barrier, strong function, low cost, small capacity ratio, high strength, flexible structure and so on.

The other kind of vacuum aluminum foil bag is made of nylon composite bag. The process is different from that of nylon co-extruded vacuum aluminum foil bag. The material is divided into PET/PE, PVC/PE, NY/PVDC, PE/PVDC, PP/PVDC, etc. This kind of packaging USES glue to combine different functional materials together. But one of the biggest drawbacks of this nylon compound is that the weather is dry, especially in winter, the vacuum rate will be much higher.

In the continuous research and development and innovation of flexible packaging production enterprises, more materials of vacuum aluminum foil bags will emerge as The Times require, and breakthroughs will be made in environmental protection.

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