Is the aluminum foil packaging material resistant to puncture

Is the aluminum foil packaging material resistant to puncture

Are aluminum foil packaging bags resistant to puncture? How to improve the aluminum foil packaging bag easy puncture problem? Mainly used in industrial electronic products, aluminum foil packaging bags, its poor puncture resistance, product and air contact or easy to be affected by moisture, thus affecting the performance of the product. Let's look at it from the following points.

One, in the process of product transportation, storage and sales, it is inevitable to be affected by external forces, there will be a rubbing process will form inertial hole, resulting in the puncture phenomenon of the packaging bag, destroy the packaging. We can through the knead resistance test and puncture resistance test, through the experimental numerical stage ratio, determine the stress and make the avoidance.

Ii. Puncture of sharp objects on the product in the package. For example, the edges and corners of aluminum foil packaging bags can scratch the bags of other packaging bags and puncture the electronic components on PCBA. We can do the corresponding vacuum test to test the larger force of the bag.

3. According to the characteristics and specifications of the inner products, the thickness of aluminum foil packaging bag and the material and thickness of composite film can be reasonably adjusted to increase the flexibility of the aluminum foil packaging bag, so as to avoid scratches or punctures on the bag caused by the inner products and the outside.

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