Skilled workers










responsibility I. Responsibilities: 1. Obey distribution, follow command, strictly abide by various operating procedures and rules and regulations, and standardize production; 2. Check the running state of the equipment at any time, do a good job of daily guarantee, report and deal with problems in time, and ensure the safe operation of production; 3. In the process of production, if any quality problem is found, the production shall be stopped and timely handled or reported; 4. Save energy, cherish materials, timely pick up the landed materials and product wastes, separate the material boxes and place them to prevent waste; 5. When the production of machine repair and mold change is suspended, the personnel on duty are not allowed to leave their posts without permission. The replaced molds and tools must be replaced with the consent of the workshop director. 6. In the operation of products, employees should improve their innovation ability, work quality and work efficiency, and everyone should have the awareness to improve the corporate image; 7. Clean the working table and machinery and equipment at the end of work every day. Clean the table and do the on-duty work well. 8. Be responsible for the quality of production products and careless work, resulting in waste or failure to complete the assigned production tasks. 9. Be responsible for the physical injury caused by not working carefully or not operating according to the specifications.